Each employee according to his position takes care of the sound management of waste and oil products and the protection of air quality, surface and groundwater and bedrock.

IMS Policy

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Company policy for the integrated management system:

  • QuaqQuality according to ČSN EN ISO 9001:2009
  • Environment protection according to ČSN EN ISO 14001:2005
  • Safety and protection of health at work according to ČSN OHSAS 18001:2008
  • Quality management of projects according to ČSN EN ISO 10006:2004

The success and further development of the company are subject to the results, which the company achieves on the market by the implementation of their business.

Quality of drafting includes mainly the quality of implementation of all aspects of project documentation and consideration of the requirements to avoid or minimize impacts of activities on environmental quality, safety and health and safety of the neighbourhood not only during implementation of the project, but also of course during operation of the implemented work. This is influenced by the behaviour and decision making and performance of all employees of the company and their proactive approach.

The methods and practices of management activities and processes and all work processes and their practical implementation is based on the documentation, the professional maturity and competence of staff, and on the precision and accuracy in carrying out these practices:

  • Time-keeping of applied labour, management and control procedures we  ensure by preventive care for the constant processing of project documentation and consulting of the highest quality to meet all the requirements to meet the statutory and other requirements for environmental protection, compliance and other legal requirements to protect the safety and health of the people. We provide care for the prevention and emergency care training to deal with the negative effects of extreme events.
  • The basic element of an integrated management system is planning of objectives of improvement, these on the basis of current knowledge about the effectiveness and efficiency of processes and success of implemented designs. To meet the targets we specify programs with secured resources for their implementation.

  • Company management commits to continuously improve the management and prosperity of the company and to continuous implementation of all obligations contained in this integrated policy. Therefore the company management discuss the IMS policy with the employees of organization, and with closely cooperating organizations, and also notifies public.

  • The level of completing of the commitments on IMS policy is the subject of continuous interest of company management and the policy is regularly reviewed and updated on aspects of its suitability and continuity and guarantees for the continuous improvement of prosperity.